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Current Investments

Mestastop Solutions

Vistari Venture Partners is proud to invest in Mestastop Solutions’ journey to unravel the pernicious mysteries of metastatic cancer & through cutting edge discovery and diagnostic tools, help alleviate the suffering of millions.

You can learn more about Mestastop and their journey at:

Belle Garments

Dr P Sekhar, from  Centre for People's Participation and Development, visually impaired and armed with a PhD from JNU, wanted to start a garments manufacturing unit for economically vulnerable women in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, so as to provide them with a means to sustained livelihood. We provided him with a low-interest rate loan, which was, until now, inaccessible to him from banks and microfinance institutions, to help him realise his dreams. We wish him the very best with his endeavour.

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